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Are you interested in any of our services and would you like to make an appointment with one of our specialists? Or do you have a question and would you like to receive more information? Our staff will be happy to help you with your questions or concerns. We believe that any technical or electrical problem has an appropriate solution and we will be happy to help you achieve this solution. Our employees are available both by telephone and by email during and after office hours. You are less bound to the fixed times and can also reach us after your work or on weekends.

We are here for you day and night

Because we are well aware that you are busy and dont time to contact us, we have ample office hours to reach us. Our staff will be available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. It does not matter what time it is, whether it’s weekend or on a public holiday: our specialists are happy to answer you every time of the day on any day of the week.

Both in the Netherlands and Belgium

Both residents of Belgium and the Netherlands can contact us for one of our services. Our specialists work in both countries so do not hesitate to call us. In Belgium and the Netherlands, there are other requirements for electrical installations and our employees are fully aware of these rules and laws to be met. Feel free to contact us via the following phone number or email address and we will discuss all possibilities with you.

Request a quote

Ask for a free quote so you can have a overview of the investment you are about to make.


Ask for a free quote so you can have a overview of the investment you are about to make.



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