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All water pipes and drains belong to your sanitary installation. The construction and optimization thereof requires craftsmanship.

Nobody is benefited that after installing your sanitary installation, you must break your walls or floors because something is leaking or installed not properly.

Therefore, choose Keskin to install your sanitary installation, so that you are always assured of professionals who know what they are doing.

A proper placement and optimization of a sanitary installation is important and crucial. This is our expertise.

Keskin has specialized in all types of sanitary installations for individuals and businesses.

Some examples of our sanitary installation work are:

  • Renovation of an existing sanitary installation during renovation according to applicable rules and standards.
  • The adaptation of a sanitary installation during a renovation to your bathroom, kitchen or toilet.
  • The construction of a new sewer during renovation or new construction.
  • Drawing a drainage plan for your sewerage manager (eg Infrax) for your sewage application.
  • Take a total bathroom renovation, toilet renovation or kitchen renovation.
  • Placement of your exhaust devices such as kitchens, bathroom furniture toilets, showers and shower cubicles and more.
  • To solve all types of errors as mentioned below.
  • Some examples of common mistakes due to the use of wrong techniques may be:
  • A not properly aligned sewage system that does not run well which often causes clogging.
  • The use of wrong couplings, which means that drainage does not run well or obstructed or the installation requires more space, what means losing space for you.
  • A drainage system for which the vent is missing, so that your toilet or drains suck vacuum while using it.
  • An incorrectly calculated hot water system, which makes it impossible to use the hot water system for optimal use, resulting in a shortage of hot water during the use of hot water.

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In every situation we look forward to the possibilities that are within your budget. In this way, we can tailor a tailor made bid for every situation so that no one gets a surprise.

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Ask for a free quote so you can have a overview of the investment you are about to make.


Ask for a free quote so you can have a overview of the investment you are about to make.



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