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Engineering Office

In addition to the realization of technical installations, Keskin also provides engineering and advisory services for all types of electromechanical issues.

Through the experiences with several reputable clients, Keskin has a good network of references.

In general, engineering and advisory services include the following range of activities:

  • Studing, analyzing and designing new electromechanical issues for new construction (new machines, products, installations and more).
  • Technical drawings for new or existing installations.
  • The preparation of a technical file for various purposes (eg design or as-built).
  • Provide descriptions to overhaul electromechanical components. And its actual implementation and follow-up.
  • Solve and respond to energy or rail infrastructure-related electromechanical issues in accordance with applicable (international) laws and regulations in compliance with the standards.
  • Development of offshore installations for the oil and gas industry.
  • Perform short circuit calculations.
  • Project Management.
  • Develop or create technical drawings
  • Answer or solve power electronics related issues.
  • The analysis and inventory of synchronous and asynchronous machines.
  • Detail engineering at component level.
  • Managing a technical team during a project (eg development or modernization of a machine park).
  • Development during new construction or renovation of building-related or infrastructure projects.
  • Assume total projects for engineering issues.
  • Keskin has extensive engineering and consulting experience, which makes it impossible to summarize all engineering and advisory work.

Therefore, ask for the possibilities so that Keskin can also answer your technical question.

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In every situation we look forward to the possibilities that are within your budget. In this way, we can tailor a tailor made bid for every situation so that no one gets a surprise.

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Ask for a free quote so you can have a overview of the investment you are about to make.


Ask for a free quote so you can have a overview of the investment you are about to make.



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