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Central heating

The optimal operation of a central heating is the result of good workmanship. An incorrectly dimensioned heating system can make a home too hot or too cold.

An excessive heating calculation you’ll see back on your energy bill. A too low heating calculation you’’ll feel especially during the colder months. A cold house, shop or business area is annoying, so a good heating system is a must have for all.

Keskin has specialized in all types of gas installations for individuals and companies.

Some examples of these are:

  • Construct or relocate a (new) gas pipeline from gas meter to central heating boiler.
  • Placement of a new central heating boiler or replacement of an older central heating boiler.
  • Calculate, dimension, and optimize your heating calculation to ensure optimal heating after it is installed.
  • Connecting of heaters such as radiators or convectors.
  • Install your warm water installation for your bathroom, kitchen or toilet.
  • To move a gas or warm water installation for the renovation of your kitchen or bathroom.
  • A complete renewal of your heating or hot water during renovation or new construction.

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In every situation we look forward to the possibilities that are within your budget. In this way, we can tailor a tailor made bid for every situation so that no one gets a surprise.

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Ask for a free quote so you can have a overview of the investment you are about to make.


Ask for a free quote so you can have a overview of the investment you are about to make.



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